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With superfast speeds reaching an incredible 10Gbps, Fibre Ethernet is the undisputed champion of UK Internet connectivity. It’s the fastest, most scalable and most reliable connection around – making it the ultimate choice for businesses that demand the best. Choose Fibre Ethernet from Spitfire and premium performance is delivered by way of unsurpassed reliability, uptime and repair SLAs.


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With dedicated data speeds ranging from 10Mb through to 10Gb, ultra-low latency and high uptime availability, Fibre Ethernet is the best high speed leased line Internet circuit available.

More About Fibre Ethernet Circuits

Business Fibre Ethernet circuits are high speed, uncontended, full duplex symmetrical connections that deliver stringent uptime targets and repair times in the unlikely event of a failure, as well as performance SLAs in terms of extremely low Packet Loss, Jitter and Delay.

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3 month

$ 27
  • 10Mb/100Mb 10Mb delivered over 100Mb Entry level dedicated fibre Easy to increase speed From £185 per month ENQUIRE NOW

6 month

$ 48
  • 10Mb/100Mb 10Mb delivered over 100Mb Entry level dedicated fibre Easy to increase speed From £185 per month ENQUIRE NOW

12 month

$ 84
  • 10Mb/100Mb 10Mb delivered over 100Mb Entry level dedicated fibre Easy to increase speed From £185 per month ENQUIRE NOW

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Offering unsurpassed reliability, guaranteed performance and astounding speeds of up to 10Gb, Fibre Ethernet is the choice for businesses looking for dedicated and scalable bandwidth with the highest uptime available.

With fibre Ethernet now available from less than $200 per month it really is suitable for most businesses!  Then as your organisation grows the speed available can also be increased in a straight forward, quick and easy process – only pay for what you need.

All Spitfire Ethernet circuits are also suitable for carrying voice as well as data and other real time applications, thanks to the inclusion of market-leading targets for packet loss, delay and jitter. The marginal cost of running voice over an Ethernet circuit can be close to zero, meaning the savings compared with ISDN telephone lines can be up to 70% – plus all the benefits of disaster recovery options and flexibility inherent in a SIP servic

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We are one of the leading suppliers of Ethernet in the UK and with partnerships with four different wholesale carriers this means that for your specific site we can identify which is likely to be installed the fastest with least upheaval and then provide a quote at the most competitive price.

What’s more, when combined with Spitfire’s fully resilient multi-node core network ring, we can design a solution which provides different core node termination for primary and also backup circuits that you have with us – offering unsurpassed business continuity options at market leading prices.

Finally as an IP engineering specialist in voice and data networking, you can be safe in the knowledge that any investment you make in Ethernet now can be fully utilised in the future to supply SIP trunks and hosted telephony or connectivity to any of our other managed on-net services.

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  • Free connection on 36 month contracts
  • Free ADSL backup circuit on 36 month contracts
  • Dedicated uncontended bandwidth
  • 100% target uptime – backed by service credits
  • 5 hour fix time SLA
  • Single Static IP Address
  • Full access to our UK based Support and Account Management Teams

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  • IP addresses – need more than one? Rent more at just $1 per month
  • Upgrade the ADSL backup to a VDSL Fibre broadband from just $8 per month
  • Higher level firewall solutions and VPN remote access options
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